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I offer skincare treatments that are customized to repair, restore, and replenish your skin, utilizing the latest in high-quality and high-performance plant-based products.  All delivered with a healing touch!


Skincare services offered at Retreat Skin & Hair Studio, located at 146 Fillmore Street.

To book services there, please visit Retreat's  booking page.

facial treatments


The Essential Facial                                                                   $120                 90 min-

 This classic facial has all the basic bells and whistles, and is fully customizable to suit each individual skin type or skin care goal. This service includes : cleansing, massage, light exfoliation, steam, extractions, masking, and various lotions and potions at the end to provide nutrients, healing and SPF protection. You will leave feeling, clean, re-freshed and glowing!


The Quintessential Facial                                                         $160                   90 min

Everything the Essential Facial offers, plus a Microderm or Peel Treatment, and an LED session. Your esthetician will decide which modality is best suited to your skin based on its condition and your particular skin care needs and goals.


The Revolution (Acne) Facial                                                    $135                   90 min

This corrective facial is focused on refining and calming acneic skin. A combination of antibacterial and soothing ingredients are used to promote healing, nutrition, and the reduction of inflammation. Extractions are an essential part of this facial, and are followed with a calming mask, and an LED light session .   ( see benefits above)

We are here to support you through the the process, and take a hands on and vested interest in our client’s aftercare. We will provide you with a customized home care regimen, and essential information on food triggers,and life style changes to help support your transition to clear and healthy skin.  What you do at home is only as good as what we do when you visit us in the studio. You do the daily battle at home; let us help you win the War on Acne!


The Masculine Essential Facial                                          $100                    60 min

This basic, deep cleansing facial is customized to suit each individual skin type and takes into consideration the special needs of the beard/moustache area. This service includes: cleansing, light exfoliation, extractions, masking and finishing products. You’ll leave clean and refreshed


The Essential Teen Facial                                                       $85                     75 min

The “mini” version of the Essential Facial that targets the direct clinical skin care needs of those under the age of 18.  The practitioner will talk to your teen about the importance of clean hygiene and educate them on developing good skin care habits at a young age.


The Essential Back Facial                                                       $90                      60 min

This corrective treatment is designed for those who suffer from back acne or scarring and discoloration.  This service includes: a cleanse, manual exfoliation, massage, steam, extractions, mask, finishing with antioxidants and oil free moisturizer to promote healing and repair.  You’ll be ready for your next big event or beach vacation in no time.

*add peel or microderm for $50

The Revive Treatment                                                              $90                      45 min

This quick “in and out” treatment uses a topical peel exfoliation. Perfect for a few days prior to a big event, or if you just want to revitalize your tired skin after a stressful week or long vacation in the sun.

Treatment includes: a cleanse, customized peel, soothing mask, and an LED treatment. 


The Renew Treatment                                                            $125                    45 min

This quick “in and out”  treatment uses a manual microdermabrasion exfoliation that is generally geared towards anti-aging, or re-surfacing of scarring or pigmentation.

Treatment includes: a cleanse, Microdermabrasion, soothing mask, and an LED treatment. 

***this is a great treatment to do as a series for resurfacing after we clear your acne!


The Light Treatment                                                                 $60                      45mins

This quick “in and out” treatment uses LED light, and is great as a follow up service a few days after a peel or extensive facial, to promote healing and cell turnover. It can also be a stand alone treatment for relaxation, and anti aging that will plump your elastin and collagen.

Treatment includes: a cleansing face neck and decolette massage, hydrating mask and deluxe 25 minute LED session.


Boost the benefits of any facial treatment with one or more add-ons:

Peel $35

Microdermabrasion $35

LED $25

Specialty mask $20

Gold Collagen Hydrating Eye and/or Lip Mask $15/$25

Brow wax $15

Lip wax $10


$85  / $100 (with lash color)

This lash enhancement service, utilizes your own natural lashes, lifting them from the base of the lash line providing a curl that makes them appear a mile long. (results lasts up to 8 weeks) This is a great alternative for those seeking the appearance of longer lashes without the use of eyelash extensions or mascara. Suited for clients with any length lashes to enhance your own natural beauty.

****This fast processing & superior formulation is formaldehyde free and loaded with a multitude of conditioning and nourishing agents to keep your natural lashes healthy.


Waxing from head to toe: $10-$100

I use an Italian natural strip wax for "gentle", efficient hair removal.

Kimberly Padgett